Ginn Motor Company has been doing business with Farmer Oil for more than 20years. We have always had great service from them. They keep us informed of pricing changes, services they provide. They are willing to do the extra to help their customers out, especially in an emergency, whether we have a spill and need help in the cleanup, run out of oil for our waste oil heaters, transferring waste oil to our storage tanks.

There have been many companies to come by and make all these big offers to get in the door but in my opinion there is no better company to deal with than Farmer Oil.

Keith Black
Service Manager / Ginn Motor

I am a Auto Repair Shop owner and have had the blessing to expand from one to four facilities since 2012. Farmer’s has been there each step of the way filling every need. Pricing has been fair and competitive. Larry Fanelli has provided excellent support in the field with equipment needs, some I didn’t event know I needed until I had them. Adam Womack has provided outstanding customer service and field support as well.

One late Saturday afternoon we had a large spill. I was unsure exactly the best way to handle the issue so I called for help. Adam and one of his employees were there with all the proper tools and hazardous waste cleanup items to properly clean and dispose of these items that same afternoon. They are a great partner in business. I highly recommend Farmers’s to anyone that may be looking for such services.

Chas Moore
Shop Owner